My experience at Gymnasium Thusneldastraße

I’ve been at Thusneldagymnasium for 3 weeks in Summer 2022. In Turkey I learn German, so I wanted to make my German knowledge better there. 

When I came there, the first thing I did was a Lessonplan. I could choose which lessons I wanted to join. I chose mostly Maths and Science. All the teachers helped me a lot during my time at the school. They cared about me and often asked me if I understood the lesson or not. Thankfully I haven’t had any problems because the teachers taught us the subjects really well. 

I also had many friendships in just 3 weeks. Some of the other students wanted to learn about Turkey. After the 3 weeks, I’ve noticed that I can speak German more fluently. 

About the city

Cologne was one of the best cities that I visited. During my time here the 9-Euro-Ticket allowed me to travel around Germany with trains. There are many beautiful cities around Cologne, to which I traveled at the weekends, e.g. Düsseldorf, Bonn and Amsterdam. 

 In conclusion, Thusneldagymnasium was a great school in a beautiful city.

Here’s a photo of me eating pizza during my lunchtime with my friends:

Taylan Özgür, EF